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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  March 8, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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assassination of a vocal russian opposition leader. one suspect blows himself up. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. and i'm brian hackney. the case is still shrouded in after more than a week a suspect blows himself up. good evening. the case is still in mystery. who ordered the attack on the street. five people arrested and has we learned one of them confessed to being involved. >> reporter: three men involved tried covering their faces. among five people charmed --
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or charged in the case. >> this man, formerly in the police confessed to taking part in the killing. a former deputy minister and a sharp critic of the russian president. gunned down hours after doing this video interview on february twefpth. this grainy web camera video from - - 27th. this grainy video shows him and his girlfriend walking before being shot. the men arrested this weekend has not said who ordered the killings and some of them denied involvement. these pot marks shows where a 6th suspect blew himself up with a grenade. his arrest was ordered. the police are looking if
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for two men who tried to carjack a man with his two kids in the car. it happened yesterday afternoon at the shopping center. two men approached they tried to take the car but when they saw the kids they stole the man's cash and personal belongings inside. the father ands his two children were are not injured. here is who the police are looking for. one man is a pacific is lander in the his 20s and 5 '10 with a slim build. the second is african-american also in his middle 20s and 5 '10 inches tall. anyone who may have seen something is asked to call the police. the police are searching for a group of car thieves after six cars were taken from three dealerships in one night. it happened on thursday night in fremont. the theft began at phantom motors on thornton avenue. the police arrived four minutes later. the suspects were gone and so were two are cars. surveillance video shows the suspects in action.
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they appear to be wearing hooded sweat shirts and duck behind parked cars. more cars were stolen from h&r motors a few miles away. it is just sad for all of the dealerships in general. i tell you what i want to do is take your keys and take the titles, you know, and lock your vehicles. >> witnesses say they saw a silver colored car similar to a malibu with five people inside near one of the dealerships. the police say that car likely connected. a woman found dead was stabbed. the police have tried to figure out what happened since she was found along webster street near the ymca yesterday. when the officers first got there it was not clear how the woman was hurt. the police have said she was stabbed, died on scene. no other information has been released. senator dianne feinstein says hillary clinton needs to
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break her silence about a private e-mail account. she turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails from her days of secretary state. but there are questions about her private e-mail account and if it posed a risk to national security. feinstein says her colleague needs to clear the air. >> actually, what i would like is for her to come forward and say just what the situation is because she is the political figure right now, she is the leading candidate if it is republican or democrat for the next -- to be the next president and i think she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. >> clinton had a private computer server in her home. that could of given her the aability to save and delete messages. tens of thousands of people are in selma, alabama to cross a bridge.
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it was five years ago that voting right demonstrators were ars tacted by the demonstrators were attacked. >> reporter: star whitley drove with her family so they can retrace the walk along the bridge. >> my daughter was a little concerned in the beginning, you know, before we start marching she was wonder figure we were going to get beat up. i said no, that was 50 years ago. things changed. >> 50 years ago it this is where the police used brutal force to stop march for voting rights. the violence that became known as bloody sunday became a turning point for the nation. president johnson signed the voting rights act into law five months later. >> there is a sea of people lined up for blocks to have a chance to walk across this bridge named after the general believed to be a kkk leader. >> reporter: many of the original marchers crossed
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yesterday alongside president barack obama. 89-year-old jenny newton wanted to be among the crowd commemorating her sacrifice. >> it feels nice because it means they still remember what things were about. [singing] >> reporter: before the walk, worshipers gathered. there were speech >> we have a meaningful right to vote for every american. >> >> reporter: many marchers will be back on monday morning setting off on a 5-day journey to the alabama state capitol. back to you. >> selma honored johnson earlier in the day. johnson's daughter accepted an award on his behalf. some some people in the crowd chanted lbj. the off season shake up continues for the 49ers. tonight, a surprising decision
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by frank gore. dennis o'donell has the details coming up in sports. vietnam veterans make the journey back to where they once fought. nearly 50 years after the first marines arrived here on the shores of red beach. tonight why they decided to return, coming up. 5 decades after the start of the war, vietnam is a ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente.
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it was 50 years ago today that combat troops arrived in vietnam. two battalions made up of hundreds of marines. they were sent in to help the south vietnam government defeat communist forces. we have more on where veterans return every year to the country where they served. >> reporter: vietnam veteran, meadows is visits red beach in vietnam. u.s. marines landed here in march of 1965. launching the american ground war in vietnam. >> i can not believe it it has been that long. >> the washington state resident came in 1965 and served 2 tours of duty. going back more than 40 times. >> one of the reasons that i
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came back was to remember and honor those marines that i had lost. >> he volunteers with a group called military historical tours that organizes trips to military sites in vietnam. >> the group started coming here in 1996. almost all tours are american veterans. thousands have made the journey back to where they once fought. >> they think they are going to see something from the past you are looking at something that is now the future. >> the tour director and veteran says the men's visits are positive but occasionally emotional. >> very common. that is it, it is over with. 8 friends were led to a pwaouby trap. it this is the first booby trap. >> i like to see how it has
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improved itself. >> reporter: the vietnamese call it the american war. the veterans still return to retrace their steps from half a century ago. wendy gillette, for cbs news, vietnam. >> it was not until 20 years ago that the u.s. and vietnam renewed relations. they remain a communist country. it is easy to spot the american influence. capitollism is seen in the marketplaces in what is available to shoppers like star bucks and duncan donuts and areas like real estate. >> i tpheufr worked or lived in a place -- i never worked in such a place. >> no phones, today my secretary has two cell phones. >> now, the median age there is 29. that means a lot of people were born long after the end of the
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vietnam war. >> trying to get the best of him for having fun. the out powering of love for a man ridiculed for dancing. now he will have his own party and you will not believe who is coming. >> maybe someone doing a rain dance. we can use it. >> as you
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he is known as the distancing man, now an internet sensation thanks to a woman with a good heart. cyberbullies made fun of his dance moves but now the dancing man will have the last laugh. >> if i see something wrong then to try to fix it. >> reporter: l.a.
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resident was disgusted when she saw cyberbullies poefed these posed these pictures. saw a specimen dancing and stopped when we were laughing about it. setting out to find the man in the picture, identify him and throw him one big awesome dance party. >> playing it and putting it on twitter. and i was expecting maybe a couple tweets. i did not expect this. [ laughter ] >> fairbanks and the lady's group tracked down the dancing man on-line in london, england of all places. he is identified only as shawn for the moment. >> the first thing is that this were 2,000 girls waiting for him. that was a sweet invitation for him. >> reporter: she is part of that group that embarked on a kick starter campaign raising more than $30,000 for the party in less than 24 hours. >> i am for sure one to dance if public like a fool. that i can not wait to inspire the rest of the world to do that. >> reporter: that is when the
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coliseum called saying they are willing to host it for free. they climbed in saying he, too, would like to play the event. then mobie showed up saying he would like to dj the party. all of it became a big deal, the private party may be a public one. the date still to be determined. >> kindness from everybody across the world as been unbelievable. >> reporter: now, the dancing america is coming to america as the world saves the last dance for him. >>y had he says he is overwhelmed by the out-- >> he said he is overwhelmed by the out pouring. >> we turned the clocks ahead. losing an hour of sleep coming back to world war 1 by taking advantage of the later days of daylight. springing forward can be tough.
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>> you lose that hour it is -- it feels like a little bit of life is taken from you. you know, i like this snooze. >> yes. >> i am not even awake enough to answer that question. >> i think actually setting back is harder. >> why? >> i don't know, i always get up early. >> all right, hawaii, arizona, alaska do not honor the daylight saving time change. here we are on the first day of daylight saving time, a beautiful day to celebrate with. a few low clouds along the shoreline. as we see looking towards sfo, some high clouds out there. but not bad at all. right now, concord, 76 degrees, oakland, 65, livermore, 76, and san francisco, 58 degrees. in santa rose a still 70. now, here is how it will look by 8:00 tonight. chilly side around the bay and inland. temperatures along and in the
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upper 50s. now, the temperature will be near 60. tomorrow morning, fog and the clouds starting the day, around the bay clouds, the bay, sunny skies. here is how it looks in the western half of the country. sunny skies, high pressure under -- on top of the west coast. it means it will be sunny and warm again tomorrow. and probably on tuesday. low pressure begins to advance from the pacific northwest. that means not much. maybe rain from far northern california. mostly north of the golden gate bridge. it does not look like it will amount to much. only on wednesday. tomorrow is fine, tuesday is fine, we can sum it all up by doing the headlines that is a we will get clear and chilly tonight, mild and dry,tuesday and -- dry through tuesday and then south of the golden gate bridge we will not get any. forecast highs for tomorrow.
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on the warm side, a lot of sun around the bay area. 4ing degrees warmer than average in san francisco. 66 degrees, concord, up there, too, 73 degrees, same for san jose. well above average for this time of the year. high temperatures for the south bay, low to middle 70s for the most part. 71 at redwood city. 70 degrees at fremont. over in the east bay, plenty of sun tomorrow, after a few low clouds along the bay. 75 degrees for danville, 69 at vallejo and 65 for fairfield. north bay, nice tomorrow, clouds to start the day with. 69 in lakeport. look ahead, sunshine on monday, a few more chowds -- a few more clouds on monday.
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it is on wednesday when we will pick up a shower or two. then, thursday, friday, saturday, increasing the sun and the temperatures back by next weekend. i know you would love to participate in all of this, you can. kpix weather watchers to join weather watchers, you know, upload the photographs, the data, interact with the kpix5 weather team. >> it is easy and it is fun. >> yes. >> all right. >> 9ers are making news. >> yes, yes, you guys have the little tease, big time 49er is leaving. how did daylight saving time
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if jim harbaugh was the face of the franchise, frank gore was the heart and sole. gore is leaving for philadelphia. according to multiple reports, gore is telling people he intends to sign with the eagles when free agency begins on tuesday. he expressed interest in returning to san francisco when the season ended. gore will get a 3-year deal with philadelphia for 7.5 million. the first two years of the deal are guaranteed. war areiors were 30-0 this season holding an opponent to under 100 points.
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now, -- the warriors were 30-0 this season holding an opponent to under 100 points. chris paul, dropping one, now, clippers up 5 in the early goings. the game was on national tv. and then chris paul, no chance there. brilliant by curry. going to a guard-heavy lineup. now, the hoop, the foul for the first year, warrior, golden state up 10. now, more curry magic. defending, dribbles. now, scoring 12 points, takes the shot. but watch the reaction from his head coach. first, don't shoot it. now, a great decision. now, later in the 3rd. green drives a big baby and gets the hoop and the foul. 23 points for green. enjoying that bucket a little too long for the clippers perspective. now, steals the path. he misses it.
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for the put back. season high 21. the warriors, 106-98. after the game, a little bit of a love tap during the post game interview. >> [indiscernible] >> knocked a few shots down early. >> i think he wanted a reaction to me but he don't play so -- so me getting suspended and him getting suspended it is kind of -- it is different. he got some camera time which he needed it because it was not much celebration from that bench. >> yes. message sent loud and clear. >> now, against the giants, top of the 3rd. now, watching the d-back's manager ripping one in the right field corner. gary brown scores and it is 3-2 giant its down by a run. bottom of the inning, giants up
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by 3. now, for the 2-run shot. dbacks up 5-4. they go on to beat san francisco, 10-5. the a's pitcher, warming up, both arms this afternoon. see the story tonight on gameday. a good one. white sox take s it hard. no matter what he threw. for the 4th inning, now, he doubles home 2 runs, chicago leads 6-2. bottom of the 6th. newcomer, watching the if fellow newby. opposite field. first of the spring. the white sox did win the game 10-4. >> the donald returned the 3iron that he threw in the water. holmes ended with a lead. still getting a second-placed finish somehow. now, you can always count on bubba. this one for 14 for a bogey. bogeys on the 3 on the back 9.
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now, johnson takes over the lead on 15. sets him up for a birdie. giving him a 2-shot lead. johnson, taking a leave of absence, last year, reportedly getting help for a drug problem, winning by one shot. now, johnson's first whip since november 2013. now, how about this guy? needed a better ride to compete with the big boys at nascar. less than 100 laps to go in vegas. jimmie johnson, front right tire flat hits the wall. johnson who won last week would finish 41st. now, kevin harvick, 3rd car in line would win by 2 seconds, leading 142 of the 267 lapses and the race ended just in time judging by harvick's right rear tire. it is his first career win in las vegas. great show on "gameday" talking
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>> glor: tonight, new questions for hillary clinton, a republican investigator says big e-mail gaps exist. a democratic colleague urges clinton to speak, president obama also has weighed in. a tense night in madison wisconsin, after the shooting of an unarmed black teenager earlier this weekend. at least eight are injured after a roof collapsed at a college party in california. apple says now is the time to unveil the company's watch. and the elf on the road, it could change the way millions of americans travel. >> i am getting a lot of funny looks. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hello everyone, i am jeff glor, with the western edition of the broadcast. a private e-mail a


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